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Perception is everything


Every week, an art professor would find an interesting piece of art from the internet.

Then – during class – he'd share it with his students and ask them to critique it.


Typically, the art would range from classic to postmodern – and everything in between.


Until one day, he presented something different.


He told the class that he'd found a unique piece of 'abstract art'.


He projected the image onto the wall so everyone could see it.


After a period of silence, he asked if anyone would like to share their ideas.


One student offered their critique on the colours.


"It has a clashing, yet harmonious colour palette".


Another student made a comment about the composition, calling it "perfectly random".


But perhaps the most notable comment was "stimulating and thought provoking".


Following their critique, the professor asked for a show of hands.


"Raise your hand if you think that this is a good piece of art".


Without hesitation, half of the class raised their hands.


The professor paused.


"That's interesting - because this is no ordinary piece of art," he said.


He zoomed out to reveal the entire image.


As it turned out, this wasn't a piece of art. At least, it's not what most of us would describe as art.


It was actually the art professors apron. With random paint splatters.


Half the class thought that the professors apron was a good piece of art.


Perception is everything.